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Dr. Bruce Northam - Clay Road Baptist Church

Medical science is a marvelous thing. They have discovered chemical compounds and surgical procedures that relieve pain and suffering and will add years of earthly existence. Did you know that if your heart is skipping beats, they can give you medicine to regulate your heart? If it gets too bad, they will go in and change the electrical sender to keep it I rhythm. If everything else fails, they will implant a pace maker to regulate and keep your heart beating. If it is fibrillating, quivering and not beating they have a device that will sense that and shock your heart back into rhythmDamaged valves are replaced with those of a pigIf it is blocked, they will insert a balloon into your heart and push the blockage aside. If needed they will put in a STENT to keep the passageway open. If it is extensive, they will reroute the blood supply and bypass the blockage, and if all else fails, they can take the heart of another and transplant it into your chest to restore life-giving circulation! It’s amazing!  Yet in all of their knowledge; with all of their discoveries and successes there is one thing they cannot do…they cannot cure a troubled heart