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Dr. Bruce Northam - Senior Pastor

This morning we encounter the costly counterfeit of success. The god of success promises purposefulfillment, and satisfaction, but delivers emptiness and endless striving for self-worth. More than any of the other idols, the worship of personal success and achievement lead to a sense that we ourselves are god, and that our security and value rest in our own wisdom, strength, and performance. This is one of the most dangerous and deadly places a person can be – wrapped up in the god of me. In Luke 18, Jesus had an encounter with a person described by three words: richyoungand ruler. He was a man who had accomplishedachieved and accumulated much; successful! For him, salvation was one more trophy, just another earned reward. Worshiping the god of success isn’t about secular accomplishments and commendations – it’s not just getting caught up with job titles and social statusthis costly counterfeit can lead us toward self-righteousness. The god of success suggests that we can save ourselves.