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Dr. Bruce Northam - Senior Pastor

America enjoys the highest standard of living in the World. We have the most wealth per capita of any nation that has ever existed. On almost every corner there are supermarkets overflowing with food and supplies. Everywhere there are huge stores crammed with merchandise of all kinds, surrounded by expansive parking lots. We have superhighways clogged with expensive vehicles to transport us. We enjoy rivers, lakes and bays filled with luxurious boats of all types. We have more TVs, more cell phones, more computers, more elevators, more air conditioning, and more private and commercial planes than any people on earth, yet into our civilization the Son of God speaks ancient words of eternal wisdom. “A man’s life does consist in the abundance of his possessions” (Luke 12:15). Greed is an obstacle to spiritual growth. Covetousness puts spiritual blinders on people, causing them to see only “stuff” and the god of money promises significance, security, safety and satisfaction, but delivers the tyranny of things. What we own doesnt supply true peace and joy. True riches and satisfaction come only from God.