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Dr. Bruce Northam - Senior Pastor

Most of the time we focus on the symptoms that surface in our lives, stresscheatinglustspendingworryingmedicatingor quitting. If we only focus on the symptoms, rather than the underlying causes, we miss the real problem, and the real problem – the true illness is idolatryWe tend to skip over idolatry as an antiquated or irrelevant issue, but nothing could be further from the truthWhen we start scratching at whatever struggle we are dealing with, we will eventually find that beneath the struggle is an idola false god we are worshiping, and until that god is dethroned, and the True God takes His rightful place, we will not experience victory and we will not be able to move forward spiritually. Idolatry is not only an issue, it is the issue. This morning we will begin the Sermon Series, Costly Counterfeits