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Dr. Bruce Northam - Senior Pastor

The way to recover from failure is to practice humility. Peter finally understands. He humbly accepted His weaknesses and confessed His failure to the Lord (John 21). 

No matter what we have done, God can still restore and use us. He is a God of second chances, even more! He allows us to come to a different end. Our selfishness, pride, our arrogance does not have to be the end of the story. But listen, if we do not practice humility, we will learn it the hard way. Peter did. When we depend on our own strength, we are sure to failYou don’t have to make that mistake, not today. You can come humbly before God and find rest and restoration. You can find love, flowing from our Lord, who was determined to follow the plan, so that He could save you and me. 

We have a great Savior!